Missed Open Enrollment & Need Coverage?
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Who We Are:

We're an independent, privately-operated provider of consumer healthcare information. From GovernmentHealthInsurance.com, you can shop around for healthcare marketplace plans (i.e., the same plans available on HealthCare.gov), and other state-based exchanges. In addition, we may display plans that are sold by insurance carriers that meet federal standards to be a qualified health plan (as defined by the ACA), but are not sold at HealthCare.gov or your state exchange. We do not actually sell health plans ourselves, but work with licensed entities.

What if I Need a Subsidy?

Our website helps you calculate if you are eligible for a subsidy. We provide only an estimate. You can apply for and buy a plan online at GovernmentHealthInsurance.com (or a state exchange website), through a web-based entity as defined by the ACA, or from licensed insurance agents. We partner with both web-based entities and licensed insurance agents to enroll consumers. You officially calculate and apply for a subsidy at the time of purchase. If you are eligible for a subsidy, you can apply for qualified health plan (as defined by the ACA) through insurance carriers and certified, licensed insurance agents that partner with us.

Here are important facts straight from HealthCare.gov confirming that health insurance can be (and most-often is) purchased outside of the federal exchange website:

"Many insurance agents and brokers can also help you apply for and enroll in Marketplace health coverage. Contact an agent or broker to learn more." - HealthCare.gov

You can also get insurance outside the Marketplace--through a private insurance company, an online insurance seller, or an agent or broker." - HealthCare.gov

Our Business Model:

Our business model is to: 1) aggregate a comprehensive set of plan options - including both on-exchange and off-exchange plans - from public and private sources, 2) develop industry-leading tools, data and technology to help consumers select a plan, and 3) match consumers with multiple purchase options - online, over the phone or directly with a certified, licensed insurance agent. We generate revenue from agencies and carriers by facilitating plan purchases. We also generate some targeted advertising revenue from the website. Our services are free to consumers.

Missed Open Enrollment & Need Coverage?
Non-Government Plans are Available

Compare affordable healthcare options and find the best plan.

* Prices are fixed by law. You can't find lower rates anywhere else.

Non-Government Plan Options Provide Coverage until the Next Open Enrollment

You should consider getting a Non-Government Plan if you meet both of the following conditions:

  1. you missed the Open Enrollment Period and
  2. you do not have a Qualifying Life Event,

Or certain life changes that would have allowed you to get a Government Plans after Open Enrollment.

Non-Government Plans -- which are sometimes referred to as “Private Plans” or “Short Term Plans” -- are a temporary solution meant to provide you with coverage until you are eligible for a Government Plan. They are often purchased for a predefined term -- anywhere from 30 days to 12 months and everything in between.

It is important to not have any lapses in medical coverage. An unforeseen medical issue or emergency can be extremely expensive if you are uninsured, sometimes in the range of tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The changes in the health care law require that all Americans have health insurance, or face a fine in the form of a tax penalty. It also requires that no insurance company can deny you coverage for preexisting conditions. Since Non-Government Plans are not directly supported by the government, you may still face a fine and subsidies, or government “discounts,” are not available. For the same reason, you can also be denied coverage. Fortunately, because Non-Government Plans are for a temporary term, they tend to be inexpensive. If you are denied coverage by one insurer, GovernmentHealthInsurance.com can help you find another.

To compare Non-Government Plans, please enter your zip code and fill out the 1-page application, or call (800)-414-8940 to speak with an agent.

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